In joyful chaos, “Ça dada” tirelessly praises the creative impulse. Wow!

“In joyful chaos, “Ça dada” tirelessly praises the creative impulse. Wow!
They’ve done it! They’re mad! They have pulled off the impossible task of reproducing a one hundred year old artistic blitz!”
“There is as much excitement as there is laughter in the aisles. As usual with Am Stram Gram, thrilled parents delight in the subtleties and cultural references whilst children giggle at the onomatopoeia and the slapstick inventions. There is something for everyone, everyone’s creative juices are unleashed, inspiring us to become the poet of our own insubordination.”

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Ça Dada is insane

” Dada is deliciously insane… In an unbrilled, thrilling outbrust, Alice Laloy and a wonderful trio of actors completely reinvent the spirit of Dada. The Dada theatre shatters everything and turns it on its head. In a rampant, ransacking esthetic, where paint flies and an array of inventively reclaimed objects appear and accumulate, images of chaos and of breathtaking beauty appear befor our eyes…”

(Christophe Candoni)

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Ça dada TTT We love passionately

“It is a difficult task to put into words a performance in which such a powerful breath of freedom blows away all the established codes of theatre, and others along with it. Thinking outside the box is at the very heart of Alice Laloy’s remarkable, original and flabbergasting work.”
Françoise Sabatier-Morel


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Ça dada et Ça décoiffe

Attention, attention ! Le facétieux « Ça, Dada » d’Alice Laloy a investi le Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil. Bousculant dans sa course l’ordre établi, il provoque stupeur, tremblement et rugissements de plaisir parmi les (jeunes) spectateurs. Contagieux ?

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Ça dada / TELERAMA

“Sans jamais nous faire la leçon, Alice Laloy resitue le mouvement Dada dans son époque boulversée et dans sa révolte. Mannequins parlants mais, trépanés et décor défoncé disent bien que le monde était en train de craquer…”

(Mathieu Braunstein)

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